Madisonium Elections

Vote for our leadership!

We need you, the members of the Madison tech scene, to decide who our next board members should be.

If you're familiar with Madisonium already, hold on! We're changing how things work a bit. Board members only need to attend quarterly Board meetings, rather than our more frequent Community meetings. Obviously, we'd love to see our board members participate regularly, but for the purposes of Madisonium, Board members will be discussing more operational and organizational topics.

The election goes from February 11th through February 18th.

How to Vote!

Send an email to with your choices in the following format:

1. Abraham Lincoln
   George Washington
2. Thomas Jefferson
3. John Adams
   Andrew Jackson

Note that you may assign ties to your choices, and you may include as many names on your ballot as you'd like. Also, write-ins are perfectly acceptable!

The Nominees (shown in random order)