Elections — Vote Now!

The voting system allows only one vote per IP address. This is a purposeful limitation of the voting system, but we didn't realize that before opening the polls. Sorry!


The 2013 election for our board will be held from noon February 25th to noon March 4th.

Vote Now! We're using a Condorcet method, which basically means you should provide a list of candidates to us, in order of preference. Further instructions are on the voting page.


The nomination period has closed, but you may still write in votes.

Nominated Candidates

The nominated candidates (in alphabetic-by-first-name order) are:

  • Aaron Larner
  • Abby Larner
  • Alnisa Allgood
  • Andrew Shell
  • Bobby Voliva
  • Brad Grzesiak
  • Dale Emmons
  • Dan Merfeld
  • Dave Cieslewicz
  • Erik Paulsen
  • Forrest Woolworth
  • Grant Dobbe
  • Jim Remsik
  • Jon Hardin
  • Max Lynch
  • Michael Fenchel
  • Philip Crawford
  • Preston Austin
  • Scott Resnick
  • Steve Faulkner
  • Tim Nott
  • TJ Blitz
  • Zach Brandon

Voter Eligibility

To be eligible to vote you must be active in the tech or web industry in Madison. Broad, we know, but if you are a member of Madisonium, Capital Entrepreneurs, Meetup groups, etc, or otherwise helping to improve the Madison tech community, you are eligible. When in doubt: vote. At worst we'll contact you to learn who you are.